Parents with Children

Alhamdulillah we’ve designated a parents with children room for parents with kids between the ages of 0-5. Any child between those age groups will have complimentary entry to the conference. Any parents staying with their kids in that room will have a live feed (screen and surround sound) to the event happening in the adjacent hall and must purchase their own conference ticket. We request that while you bring your own snacks and drinks for your kids for the day-long event, that you please ensure the accommodations remain clean and accessible to other parents as well.

Seats are limited to only 200 parents AND children in the room.

Children between the ages of 6-12 are requested to be registered in our day-long babysitting program. Any parents who prefer to not enroll their children in babysitting will be required to purchase a student-priced conference ticket for them.

The conference is appropriate for children aged 13+ and parents are strongly encouraged to allow them to attend sessions in the main hall.